Workplace Design
Investment Banking Company

This global investment banking company made Seattle home to its growing tech team. The space is a tech hub that was designed to attract best in class talent that reflects the local region. The workspace design celebrates natural, raw materials in a sleek and modern manner. BHDP Architecture © 2021

Upon arrival, the elevator doors open to reveal a wall covered in facetted geometric wood panels. The wooden shapes represent the mountain ranges that are unique to this region. The logo stands proudly at the center, showcasing a sense of pride in this new workspace. BHDP Architecture © 2021

This playful game room that allows employees to refocus and recharge before getting back to work. Inside, a colorful accent wall and neon sign reinforce the tech environment. The accent wall uses locally sourced wood, celebrating the regions natural materials. The chevron pattern design is reminiscent of the mountain range where the wood was obtained. BHDP Architecture © 2021

Phone booths and mobile huddle rooms are dispersed throughout the office space to provide opportunities for impromptu collaboration or heads-down work. Glass has transparent window film applied, adding to the high-tech feel of the space. BHDP Architecture © 2021