After being acquired, this financial technology company needed a brand refresh within their workspace with a strategy that helped employees navigate the 4-floor building. BHDP Architecture © 2019

Workplace Design
Financial Technology Company

The companies values are displayed in the customer experience center.

Each floor level has a different color to help with wayfinding. Elevator lobbies display dimensional company values with tonal wayfinding behind to help employees navigate the levels and wings. 

Open office graphics depict companies global locations. Columns framing graphic are painted in accordance with strategy for wayfinding. Imagery chosen compliments floor color. 

Graphics in stairwells provide health and wellness facts to inspire people to make their health a priority. Stairs use color strategy to help with wayfinding. 

Conference rooms uses brand imagery to add color and texture. 

Conference room signage used color wayfinding strategy. 

Break rooms use color wayfinding strategy while letting employees know where to place bulletin board content. This will help reduce visual clutter in break rooms. 

Main corridor displays company values big and bold.