Workplace Design
84.51 Chicago

84.51°'s workspace design celebrates the company's commitment to data analytics. It is a contemporary expression within Chicago's historic art deco Old Post Office. BHDP Architecture © 2019

The lobby welcomes visitors by celebrating natural materials. The illuminated logo is a bright contrast with the blackened steel panels. The subtle pattern routed out of the wood starts to introduce the company's brand identity and leads the viewer into the work cafe. BHDP Architecture © 2019

The Chicago skyline, reflected on Lake Michigan, ties the company's brand identity to the regional office location and community. BHDP Architecture © 2019

The brand pattern subtly starts on the floor and continues up the wall. These quite details help connect the viewer to the brand. BHDP Architecture © 2019

Messaging reinforces the company's values, while using color to help define neighborhoods. 

BHDP Architecture © 2019

Brand pattern printed on metallic wallcovering adds depth to space while coinciding with neighborhood color. BHDP Architecture © 2019